Why do Muslims pray 5 times a day?

Why do Muslims pray 5 times a day?

Every religion in this world has taught its followers the mode of worshipping their Creator. In Islam the way Muslims practice prayer (in Arabic: Salah) is completely different from other religions.

How Muslims sees prayer

Muslims pray five different times a day in the nearest Mosque along with fellow community members.

The reason behind this gathering five times in a day is not just about meeting each other but the sole purpose is to strengthen the relationship with God and to thank him for his blessings and grace upon us.

Like how our body needs food intake to recharge itself, our soul has needs too. It should be filled spiritually for the sake of social welfare. Praying (Remembering Allah and his sayings) five time a day is the only way to strengthen brotherhood & religious harmony in this world.

This is verily mentioned in Quran as,“And perform prayer… surely the good deeds remove the evils deeds.” – Qur’an 11:114Source

Scientific Facts about Islamic Prayer

Salah (The Prayer) is seen by Muslims as a way to seek consolation, tolerance, and peace from Allah. Which is like the food served to the soul five times a day. This salah practiced by Muslims contains not just spiritual benefits also scientific benefits.

As you would have seen, a Muslim indulge in different postures/movements & positions while performing salah a religious duty. Contemporary scientists disclosed that this practice provides physical advantages to the human body.

A few to mention are,

Enhanced Blood Circulation

Most people have irregular blood flow that causes high/low blood flow in the body. The varied positions during prayer let blood flow throughout the body.

Increases Digestion

The digestive system is enhanced and intestines are relaxed with smooth bowel movement in the body.

Remedy for back & knee pain

As the salah involved prostration & bowing, it relaxes the joints in the body. And the major parts benefited are shoulder joints, knees, elbow, hip & ankle.

Cardiovascular Health

Salah is being entirely filled with movements, thus increases the glands secretion and increases blood flow in the body. As a result metabolism and cardiovascular health gets improved

Cleanliness & Hygiene

The obvious benefit of Salah is it promotes cleanliness. As a Muslim must clean his/her mouth, nose, face, ears, neck, hands, arms & feet. Leaving behind healthy skin and hygiene conscious.

Benefits of Prayer

Apart from science facts, the real purpose of offering Salah five times a day comes with fascinating benefits to one’ soul. Which is truly essential to run a peaceful life as an individual also as a community.

Remembrance of God

No other reason could be so apt than this one. Yes, during salah a Muslim is in touch with his creator. This is mentioned in Qur’an as

There is none worthy of worship but I, so worship me and offer prayer perfectly for my remembrance (Qurʾān 20: 13-14).

A catalyst to offer charity

As stated above performing Salah five times a day gives the opportunity to meet fellow people in the society. One will get to know about other’s situation in terms of sickness, needy, etc. This entices to offer charity to those are desperate.

A Spiritual Cleaning

The prophet (PBUH) once stated that “Like how water get rid of filth in your body, Salah wipes your sins”. This emphasis the importance of prayer and its impact on one’s behavior in society.


Salah is all about uniting mind, body & soul during execution. A Muslim should keep aside all other world thoughts during prayer, with a full focus entirely towards God.

Missing out the attention is not at all allowed during Salah. Which is mentioned in the Quran as,

“Woe to those who pray, but are unmindful of their prayer, or who pray only to be seen by people.” [Quran, 107:4-6]

Also God doesn’t want us to pray for his benefits, it’s completely upon us for greeting almighty for all the grace he has given us.

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