women in islam

Women in Islam

Islam treats men and women in Islam as one, yet they are dissimilar. Based on biological, physical appearance & psychological presence each has been allotted certain roles in the society. Considering the aspects of each creation both have their degree of contribution in leading marital/personal life.

It’s been mentioned in Sahih Bukhari Vol 8 Book of Aadab Chapter 2 Hadith 2, that once a man questioned Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) asking who deserves the most love & companionship in this world. For that Prophet replied “It’s your mother first”, then he asked who is next “again it was told as mother”, third time it is asked “again the reply was mother”, finally when the fourth time asked “it was mentioned as your Father”. This strongly declare that women in Islam can’t be oppressed at any cost, doing which it will revert as biggest sin on those who commit it.

Often Muslim women are projected like they are being oppressed, but the fact is they seek protection from evil eyes in the society.

For instance, if a women wears hijab she want others to see what allowed by her. This gives an individual strength and helps to sustain dignity.

The best ever saying of prophet Muhammed (PBUH) upon hijab is “Haya (modesty) does not bring anything except good”

Islam does allow freedom to women in Islam in different circumstances. Few of them are,

  • A woman does have right to sustain her property & wealth that are earned or inherited
  • Like other religions, Islam also encourage women to practice politics, law & business
  • Islam says battlefield is not just for men but also for women to participate not only as nurses also as soldiers
  • A man can never force a women to marry without her interest. She has liberty to choose the right soul partner of her choice
  • In Islamic law women are allowed to claim ownership of their children without citing any proof.
  • Daughter of oneself will receive half of share inheritance compared to her brothers in a family.

Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) on the occasion of farewell pilgrimage warned the world Muslims referring to the women that

Observe your duty to Allah in respect to the women and treat them well

As stated Muslim men are advised to treat women in Islam with generosity. Failing which the concerned convict will be questioned by the almighty during the judgement day with appropriate punishments.

Almighty being the creator of men and women, has unique roles to accomplish based on their nature. Women without any doubt or argument has equal importance in choosing spouse, identical pay, education and including divorce.

Status of Women in Islam

Islam respects women significantly. It praises women as moms who must be regarded, obeyed and treated with benevolence. Satisfying one’s mom is viewed as a component of satisfying Allah. Islam reveals to us that Heaven lies at the mother’s feet, for example that the most ideal approach to arrive at Heaven is through one’s mom. What’s more, Islam precludes resisting one’s mom or driving her crazy, even by saying a mellow expression of discourtesy. The mother’s privileges are more prominent than those of the dad, and the obligation to deal with her becomes more noteworthy as the mother becomes more established and more fragile.

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