Fertilization and Implantation

In chapter al-Insaan Qur’an cites,

“Verily, I created humankind from a small quantity of mingled fluids.” Qur’an, 76:2

This ensures the fact that limitless quantity of generated fluid is needed for fertilization.

The actual word that used to represent a small quantity is “nutfah”. Hence the verse concludes that fertilization is possible through a small quantity of fluid/liquid.

In other places the small quantity is mentioned as “amshaaj” which refered as mingled fluids as derived by early

commentators which concluded as combination of male & female discharges. Later by modern authors it was commented that the tiny fluid compressed of several components.

When Quran and science speaks about the fertilizing fluid, it also says that human progeny is the formation of something distilled from the fluid. Following verse explains it thoroughly,

“Then He made [ man’s ] offspring from the essence of a despised fluid.”Qur’an, 32:8

The Arabic synonyms for “essence” is that “something extracted, best part of a thing”. Which concludes that only one single cell out of 50 million that actually reaches the ovule.

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