Islam and Women– An Unknown Truth

What is so significant of being a woman, that is too in Islam? Generally speaking women are the peace and tranquility of the men. When Allah created Adam alaihis salaam (peace be upon him), the first man in the abode of heavens and allowed him to travel throughout the paradise created by Him, yet Adam did not seem to be happy but remained expressing some sort of anxiety and absence of tranquility because of his loneliness in the paradise.

The All-Knower intended for a beautiful companion for him from within him where Adam alaihis salaam could take some recourse and repose in the creation specifically created for him. Allah Subhanahuta’la, the Glorious says :

“And among His Signs is this, that He created for you wives from among yourselves, that you may find repose in them, and He has put between you affection and mercy. Verily, in that are indeed signs for a people who reflect.” (Surah Ar-Rum, Chapter 30, Verse 21).”

Both of them – Adam alaihis salaam and Hawwa alaihas salaam, (whom Allah made Adam’s wife), were allowed to reside in the paradise.

Since then, it is the mercy of Allah that between the men and women He has put affection and mercy. In line with this each and everything created by Allah in pairs for the purpose of procreation, for which process without an attraction and affection, nothing could have progressed progeny-wise in this world.

Though men and women were created in the same shape looking same, yet they are not equal and identical from inward as well as at outward. Their body is wrapped in an enigma. Thus their roles too are significantly different, while staying together and supporting each other. A man is always consider a bread winner, where the woman has in her possession, the progeny, property and dignity of her husband to look after. Yet Islam never stops women from earning for her or for her family. In such case, she becomes the whole and sole master of what she earns.

By the way the cultures of the different people flourished in different countries, Allah sent His guidance to each and every people of the time that ruled over the roof of the world. Allah set certain rules and regulations, rights and norm, do’s and don’ts. Allahuta’la also set conditions and proportions of property inheritance.

As long as the religions of the world are concerned, most of them degraded their women, projected them like objects of pleasure and butterflies of the society, degrading her honor and robbing off her dignity, paying little care for their sufferings and well-beings, suppressing their rights and imposing unnatural conditions over them. While the men enjoyed with or without marrying more than one woman clandestinely and openly, they curtailed their women folk denying them for their subsequent marriages even after the women become widows. Islam is the only religion which sets rules and regulations for every circumstance in each cycle of the life for a woman.

Though the critics object to the rules and regulations set forth for women without the full knowledge of the benefits allowed to them in Islam, without any prejudice if you closely study them, you may find that Islamic indulgence is far more better than any prevalent rights offered in any given religion or community.

That is why the smart ladies of the western world, initially begin questioning over the Islamic treatment of women but in the long run slowly they learn as to how beneficial, protective and attractive the tenets of Islam for women, thus they tend to adopt the way of Islam for them.

We too encourage the readers of this blog to come along with your doubts and questions to learn more about any given thing that you think is a problematic which becomes a hindrance for you to accept the truth as suggested by Islam.

We too encourage the readers of this blog to come along with your doubts and questions to learn more about any given thing that you think is a problematic which becomes a hindrance for you to accept the truth as suggested by Islam

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